Are you ready to share your money… with your biggest rival?

First of its kind, “Fifty Fifty” is a quiz show, in which 8 people participate in 4 rounds.

After each question, the contestant who answers the question is required to share half of his/her money with the other contestants. They will pick each contestant and the amount they wish to give them from their winnings.

Witness how contestants establish a bond with each other… or not! Some will support each other while others will dig holes for their rivals. Personal intimacies and polarizations will begin. With contestants engaging in unstable emotional situations, the competition will turn into a drama-quiz show.

At the end of each round, the contestant with the lowest amount of money will leave while the contestant with the highest amount of money will be declared the winner of the day.

At the end, the winner of the day gets the chance to double his/her money and participate at the next show along with other finalists.

Period: Weekends
Time Slot: Prime Time
Duration: 60’